American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Director and creator, Ryan Murphy, has delivered the eighth season of his hit series, "American Horror Story", with this new season being titled, "Apocalypse", and it definitely did not let fans down this time. Murphy seems to have listened to the requests of the fans and made a season that combines seasons one and three, "Murder House" and "Coven", which creates almost a sequel to the two seasons in one and ties the stories of each together. At the end of season one, viewers were last left with a glimpse of a demon child that was given birth to by the owner of the murder house, Vivien, but we were never given more than just a face of a child before the season finale came to an end. However, in season eight, Michael Langdon is revealed to be the mystery child from season one and he is not up to any good. Michael plans on destroying earth and everything that lives on it in order for him to claim power of the entire planet, and this is where season three ties in. The witches of the coven, Cordelia, Zoe, Madison, and a new addition Mallory, are all saved from the initial extinction of mankind on earth and plan to defeat Michael before he is capable of destroying every living being on the planet, and destroying humans forever, in order to bring the underworld upon earth. However, in order to successfully defeat Michael, the witches must name a new head witch of the coven, or otherwise known as "supreme", in order to lead the witches in this task since Cordelia has grown old and is no longer powerful enough to lead the witches as supreme. In order to name new supreme though, the old one must die, and the witches are not ready to let Cordelia go just yet. The witches have a hard decision to make going forth, but they do not have much time left. The anticipated season finale premieres Wednesday, November 14th. Will Michael Langdon be able to go through with his plans to destroy all life on earth, or will the witches of the coven be able to come together in order to defeat Michael and save humanity?

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