The opinions of others, whether film critics or fans, always results into a big argument on these kinds of topics. Are horror films really just getting too repetitive and genetically boring? Well, it is technically a yes and no answer, in my opinion. Any genre of films have their ups, and downs. Most of it just being plain out opinions on this sort of topic. For Halloween movies, I feel like it is more on the down side. Comparing the classical time of horror films put a huge impact and change on the cinematic industry.

Now we usually just get a plain story with a garbage amount of jump scares. Suspense is a good key and tool to get the audience at the tip of their seats, ESPECIALLY when it is a horror film. What most horror films lack is being unpredictable. We know when it is coming when we aren't supposed to know. They shouldn't reveal the main monster of the story because if we see a clear image of what the monster looks like, we'll just get more use to it and not scared. Something unknown, is what triggers and scares the audience.

It keeps them in fear for whom this monster might be. In a climax, I agree that is the perfect time for a monster to be revealed to the audience. But, if it was around the beginning, it just ruins the whole fear vibe for this creature because we know it's appearance and we already know what it is capable of. Scary jump scares shouldn't be rushed into a horror film. I think that is when suspense does it's job. The jump scares should come within the flow of the film, not forced in.

In the end, yes. It is just up to the viewers of what they truly enjoy the most. Audience reaction is what is needed no matter how good or bad the film is.

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