Trick or Treat Street 2018

Trick or Treat Street 2018, which took place on October 26th, was a night that Newfield will reminisce for some time to come. The highly successful event attracted large crowds and excited trick-or-treaters. Waiting lines stretched all the way from the school to the parking lot.

Entering into the Main Lobby, one was greeted with that synoptic rush of adrenaline. The hard work that Newfield’s clubs and organizations put forth into Trick or Treat Street was exceptionally remarkable and evident in the joyous faces of our visitors.

The Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 put on a great show. Music blasted from the rooms, welcoming the trick-or-treaters in the hallways. Their assigned rooms took on transformations into everything from magical lands to dim lairs. Advisers assisted the students, having fun and helping out.

National Honor Society helped to keep the candy levels in check, so that no trick-or-treater would leave without a treat and a smile. The Gymnasium was transformed into various games, all of which produced both felicity and sources of recreation. National Art Honor Society did their traditional face-painting - creating aesthetically magnificent pieces of art right on faces. Cafe A notoriously took on the faces of your favorite characters - from Eeyores to dinosaurs and religious figures. Children stopped by to take pictures with them, a fragment of memory to remain a keepsake forever.  

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring was the Haunted Maze. Our library was transformed into two sections. In the upper section, activities such as Halloween Coloring took place, covered with beautiful lights and decor.

The lower section of the library marked the beginning of the Halloween Maze. Greeted by a zombie nurse and her screaming zombie patient as well as artificial fog, visitors tentatively entered the maze. Inside was a true spectacle. The ingenious maze was constructed so as to prevent the emittance of any light. Zombies, faces covered in blood, stupefied the trespassers at conjunctions. Visitors ran out of the Maze surprised and in awe of the talents here at Newfield.

All aspects considered, Trick or Treat Street 2018 was a definite success. Participants came together for a common goal, and we tasted the fruits of that success. As a famous figure once put it, “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things”.

We’re proud of you, Wolverines!

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