Last Minute Halloween Special Effects Makeup

                                                                                                                   Seasonal Spooky Makeup

                                                                                                                                      By Al Ziegler

This Halloween, revelers are looking in stores for vampire, witch, and zombie costumes, but largely overlooked is the effect that cosmetics can have on a costume.  Special effects makeup is perfect for those who need a last minute costume anywhere. With the use of liquid latex, makeup, and tissue paper every costume can be made infinitely better.

Makeup application can start with just a few household products including: liquid latex, a makeup palette, tissue or toilet paper, triangle sponges, and makeup brushes. It only takes a few steps to introduce a whole new aspect to costuming.  “The creation of the wound on my arm interested me a lot. This is like the stuff of movies,” model Cierra Goodman commented.

Makeup is one addition that can take your haunted look to the next level.

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