Op-Ed: Is Reality TV Really Reality?

As an avid fan of all things reality TV, it has been eye-opening to realize that reality TV is all a sham. 
For example, the world-renowned franchise “The Bachelor” has many aspects to it that are far from reality. The producers of the franchise track the women's menstrual cycles to get them at their most emotional points on-camera interviews. The girls also have no access to the outside world. All they have are each other and producers often bait the girls with topics going on in the house to cause drama, allowing the girls divulge juicy interviews to use on TV.

Shows like “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” go through producers before seeing the actual judges of the competition. On both shows the contestant shows their act to a producer or multiple producers then they decide which contestant has “the look” or “a story” then they move onto another set of producers and then the judges. They also hand out a sheet for the contestant to fill out asking them about difficulties they've faced in life to create an intriguing backstory. 

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