Show Recommendation: This is Us

“This is Us” is a family-friendly television show on NBC. It surrounds the lives of the Pearson family. The show highlights events that occur in the past that make the siblings, Kate, Kevin, and Randall, who they are today. There have been two successful seasons with the third on its way. 

This is a show that is perfect to watch as a family; it includes heartfelt moments that will make anyone tear up at this very average family. Everything this family experience is average, which makes the show even more enjoyable. They have problems, just like everybody else, that need to be handled in specific ways. This show is notoriously known for its ability to suck people in and force them to keep watching. Each week it reveals a new “hidden secret” that causes viewers to wait on the edge of their seats for the next episode. 

“This is Us” is a moving show that will appeal to anyone willing to give it a chance.

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