Newfield Boys' Varsity Basketball: Senior's Season Reflection and Future

As their last High School season comes to a close, the Newfield Boys Varsity Basketball’s seniors reflect on their experience as well as look forward to what their future may hold. To better understand how it felt to the team personally, I interviewed Coach Agostino as well as Senior Captain Christian Agostino for their thoughts on the season. When asked what the seniors brought to the court that was unique, Christian’s answer was based primarily on the way they play, stating, “I believe the edge we had over other teams came in our defense.  Not only the seniors, but the team as a whole was able to defend some of the best talent in our league.” Coach Agostino, when asked the same question, focused more on the senior’s dedication and ability to bring out a strong bond, great cooperation to the rest of the team, stating, “All of the seniors provided leadership, and more importantly friendship, to my very young team, with two juniors, five sophomores and one freshman, however, Paul and Christian lead my example. They worked harder and put in more time than any senior captains I have ever had. They never missed an offseason workout or a game.” Next, I asked both Coach Agostino and Christian what they thought that next season will be missing without having this year’s seniors. Christian answered, “Next year they’re really going to be struggling with height, but they’ll still have guards that can contend with some of the better teams, considering many others will lose some talent. Also, with the younger guys having more experience, something they lacked this year, they’ll be better off next year in terms of their confidence and the way they work as a team.” Coach Agostino addressed a similar concern but was still confident in the ability of the younger players due to the teachings from the seniors from this year, stating “As players are concerned the seniors scored thirty-two of our fifty-two points per game. That will be difficult to make up, however, the impact they made will help all those returning next year to be better players.”

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