Students Meet to Discuss Florida Shooting

Sixteen students and one parent representing three schools, three grades, and three races met Wednesday under the leadership of senior Cassidy Sadonis to discuss politics and activism. Cassidy started the meeting by talking about his fear of America’s direction and then went into detail with examples of how social media is being used, and the polarization of the two parties. The main point and meaning of the group is the importance of sticking together as students,  we will not be  voiceless when we have much to say and contribute. Conversation opened and we spent over an hour discussing our feelings on the Florida shooting, a subject that resonated close with everyone in the room. Fear was not discussed, only hopefulness for the future and possible solutions. A school walkout has been organized for March 14th in protest of a lack of laws to keep high schoolers around the country comfortable in their place of learning. As my time at Lee will soon come to an end I felt a sense of pride that I have only felt in very special moments such as Lee’s basketball state championship game, or reading books to kindergartners before our annual pep rally. This feeling came from juniors and sophomores taking an initiative and feeling empowered to make changes for our school and country. Cassidy, Liam Tyrelle and I could  talk politics till your ears bleed but hearing other perspectives is a huge goal for this group; so whatever your political  preferences, age, or school please join us seven o'clock next Thursday night on the top floor of the Staunton Public Library.

Aspiring Virginian journalist and proud Robert E. Lee and Shenandoah Valley Governors School senior 

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