REVENGE: Lee VS East Rock

     Sitting in an opposing team’s girls locker room, the Varsity Boys were dead silent as head coach Terrell Mickens walked in; the team had just lost in overtime to District rivals, East Rockingham. The Leemen had the lead during the whole game until deep into the fourth quarter even without Senior stand-out Jarvis Vaughn. Jayden Williams carried the team to an overtime period by sinking crucial free-throws just as he had during the state tournament last season. That night was not Lee's night, after a close overtime we had lost our first game of the year, making our record (7-1). Coach Mickens expressed his disappointment and told the players to feel the pain of losing in overtime and use it to come back harder. The team was given the perfect chance to bounce back. They played the same team who beat them Saturday now on Tuesday in the Paul Hatcher gymnasium. This time the Leemen would not allow East Rock a chance in overtime, no quite the opposite, Lee won 67-28, 39 points over the same team who had beaten us three nights before. The Lee Varsity Boys played their best game of the season and showed professionalism and determination defeating East Rockingham. I asked Coach Mickens what the difference was, he answered, "I think we had a wake up call on Saturday, the guys came out focused they came out ready. We watched a little bit of film before the game and covered a couple little things on defense that were hurting us. It also helps when you got your 6'8 State player of the year in the game." Noone could argue with Lee's focus, they kept East Rock to 28 points total with blocks and steals coming left and right. Lee held East Rock's best player, #22 Jefferson, to just eight points the whole game. Jarvis was the obvious difference between the games,he played with an intensity we had not seen yet this season, he played to make it up for his team. Jarvis ended with 17 points and 11 rebounds which led the team. Everett had another strong showing with 10 points and 12 rebounds, he has been a consistent heavy contributor every game this season. Jalen Henderson has been moved into a much deserved starting role after starting his season with shin splints. He scored 7 and had 3 rebounds for the Lee side.  The Lee Boys will look for the same energy as they take on a Waynesboro Thursday night at Waynesboro.

Aspiring Virginian journalist and proud Robert E. Lee and Shenandoah Valley Governors School senior 

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