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                                                                                       Breaking News

                                                                  By Layla McIntosh, EHT Class of 2020

The art of Communications is being rediscovered at Egg Harbor Township High school. In 2016, along with its Medical Science (MSA) , and Law and Business (ALAB) academies, EHT school district added a Communications Academy (COMM) to its academy list. Entirely based off of communications studies, students are being fully exposed to the new and improved media world.

The Communications Academy is a unique four-year elective route at EHT High School that will prepare students for 21st century careers. The academy consists of a multitude of media classes including, “Writing for the Media”, “Into to Communications”, “Broadcast Journalism”, and seven other media subjects including an elective choice. The Academy also offers the chance to earn dual credit with Stockton University.

In September, 2016 the Communications Academy class of 2020 was up and running. Out of many applications, sixteen bright students were selected to join the academy to start their careers in the media world. “I always had an affinity for storytelling and creating for an audience,” student Johanna Baronowitz (Class of 2020) stated regarding her decision to apply to the academy.

The Communications Academy has been slowly developing new ideas and tasks for their students overtime including internships with Channel 97, and “Eagle News”. They have also introduced their newly developed COMM Academy class of 2021. The students of the Communications Academy are learning new skills at an immense rate and are exceeding staff expectations.

Students of EHT High School Classes of 2018 and 2019 state they are saddened that the Academy was created after they were freshman because the opportunities that are given to the children are ones that they would’ve never passed up, such as student Kevin Dang (Class of 2018). “The Communications Academy has definitely opened so many doors for me. I’ve gotten to try tons of new things, meet new people, and create some amazing projects with the other students.” student Johanna Baronowitz stated. Johanna also says that she is very grateful for the chance to indulge in the program.

If you are a 8th grader about to enter High School in the Egg Harbor Township school district visit  for more information on program descriptions, dual credit, and how to apply. The Communications Academy welcomes you to join the experience of a lifetime. Class of 2022 is right around the corner.

Hello! My name is Layla McIntosh, I'm a sophomore in the EHTHS Communications Academy. I'm interested in dance, singing, and acting and have been doing all three since I was two years old. I love getting involved in the school plays and I'm apart of the EHTHS Thespians. Also I'm very excited to see the future of the EHTHS COMM Academy and see what it has in store for us.

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