My Sweet 16th Photoshoot

 It is assumed that a girl's 16th birthday is one to remember. 

Every 16th  birthday, or Sweet 16th, is celebrated differently among many people. Whether it be a traditional Sweet 16 party, or a sleepover.

My twin sister Amia and I ,however, decided that we wasn't going to have a party that everyone expected us to have; but to do something different. We both agreed to arrange a Sweet 16 photo shoot with our closest friends. The week of our birthday, we had called our best friends over for a week long sleepover full of games , shopping, and pranks. The day of the photo shoot, we hired a makeup artist to do our faces before the photographer arrived. Once the photographer arrived, we all had relocated to a nearby shore and began to start the shoot. 

After the 2 hour long shoot, my friends had taken Amia and I out to dinner at Dallas BBQ, where we were exchanging pure jokes and smiles as we ate our food. The employees then sung the traditional  "Happy Birthday" and gifted us with free cupcakes as we finished up our meals. The day may have seemed like a regular fun filled day to celebrate a birthday, but it was truly a day to remember of how I celebrated my birthday in a unique way.

Header: (From L to R) Helen, Kayla, Amia, Nia, Brianna, and Tyler all striking a pose for the birthday shoot. 

Photo: Nia Campbell

Just a young, aspiring writer from Brooklyn who's trying to make a name for herself in the world of journalism.

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