Helping the animals in the Lehigh Valley

When humans cannot afford or care for a pet, they often relinquish their rights and hand the dog over to a shelter. The shelters that take in pets are in need of supplies all year round. After the influx of baby animals in the spring, shelters could be low on important things needed to keep the kennel up and running. Shelters can always use items such as blankets, towels, rags, and animal food. It is always a good idea to call the shelter and find out what they accept before donating. They can always use certain items, but they may get rid of the things they cannot use like large comforters with stuffing that is easy for dogs to rip.

Not only do local animal shelters like the Lehigh County Humane Society and Peaceable Kingdom take in unwanted pets they also offer medical care to the stray. One of the main priorities in a shelter is to spay and neuter. There are so many homeless pets, and by spaying and neutering, it prevents more from ending up in the same position.

For other veterinary visits besides spaying and neutering as mentioned above, there is a clinic in the shelters. If someone is looking for a regular vet, the Lehigh County Humane Society also has a list of resources such as veterinarians and wildlife rescues in the area. There are so many options for humans to help out animals in need, especially as the weather gets colder. They need help in any way.

This year I am a senior at Freedom High School. This is my third time taking Journalism, and I will be taking for a fourth time next semester. Have fun checking out my posts! :)

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