One Act State Championship

The one act team at Robert E Lee high school had a great season this year and finished at the top of the state in first place. Mr.Fregosi, the director of the One Act Play, had 31 students participate in it. The Junior Jake Morris and freshman Ben Strassler won Outstanding actor award. 

We interviewed both recipients of the outstanding actors of the one act for Lee High. 

Jake Morris:

Q: Why did you join theater?

A: “It’s something I have always found interesting watching movies and thought it would be cool to do that.”

Q: What must you include in the performance in order to receive a good score?

A: “You really have no idea what the judges are looking for, but they do keep in mind the quality of acting and ability of speaking.”

Q: Where did you get the motivation to be part of the one act?

A: “There aren’t a lot of opportunities for theater kids to mingle with each other unlike sport players. One act gives a great chance to interact with other schools and hit up a competition with them. That’s always good.”

Q: Who was a tough competition for the Lee High one act this year?

A: “Wilson did great, they actually achieved first place in both district and regional competitions and we followed right behind them consistently right up until states.”

Ben :

Q: Why did you join theater?

A: “I love doing shows and needed something to fill my time."

Q: Can you explain the outstanding actor award

A: “it is awarded at each level of competition. The judges nominate someone and they discuss then they choose however many people they agree on. It no set number so the number of people awarded it will vary.”

Q: Since you are a freshman, do you think there is a lot of opportunity in your future?

A: “I would hope so, I love doing theater and want to continue it.”

I am Colby Berry and I go to Robert E. Lee High School 

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