Zombie Make-up in Cosmetology

Members from NYIB (New York Institute of Beauty) attended Newfield High School’s cosmetology program to showcase the art of special effects makeup. A makeup artist, who is a graduate from this institution, used a volunteer to demonstrate two looks that are perfect for Halloween. On one side of the volunteer’s face was a pop art zombie look. The makeup artist used bright neon colored water activated face paints. The pop art side consisted of solid thick black lines outlining parts of the body including outlining where the brain, muscles, and bones would be in the skin. This made the look resemble something you would see in a comic book. On the other half of the volunteer’s face was a realistic looking zombie. With the help of liquid latex and tissue paper, the illusion of ripped and textured flesh was formed. The laying of the tissue paper on top of the liquid latex in layers created the appearance of skin which she then cut into to make wounds. Alcohol based paints in dark reds and blacks were utilized to give the wounds the illusion of depth which made the wounds look deeper and gave it a rotting look. Both these looks are both seen on television and in movies. The members from NYIB showed our class that special effects makeup is an art and a specialty that captivates the eye with its complexity and technique.

Amirah Nabibaksh, Cosmetology


I am a student from Long Island, who currently attends Newfield High School as a senior. I have a passion for technology, the Maker Movement, and photography. I am currently President of the Newfield Robotics Team -- which is the focus of many of my articles and videos. I am also president and Editor of Chief of the School Newspaper, "Newsfield",  so I work in close collaboration with a joint executive cabinet for Newfield's Video and Newspaper club, to produce the content shown on Newfield's Home Page. I hope you enjoy my writing, and what Newfield has to offer!

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