A Step into the Future

   It is official, I am a senior. That is old news now. What still has not crossed my mind fully, is the fact that I am currently in my fourth and final year of Journalism and the Freedom Forum. This year, I will be taking journalism all year. It is definitely a challenge with the workload. However, this class has taught me how not to procrastinate. You work ethic has to be high in this class or straight up, you will not succeed.

   Before I had entered my freshman year at Freedom, I was told that journalism class was too hard, and that I should drop out. However, I wanted to see for myself. As an aspiring writer, I never would have thought I would have learned as much as I did about writing in the four years that I have been in the class as well as a writer for the newspaper. Not to mention all the wonderful friends I have made throughout my time in the class and on the Forum. 

   Journalism if of course a career that I still think about. Thanks to this class, I have grown such a passion for writing as well as a new found respect for all journalists out in the work force currently. I never knew how much went into a school newspaper, or what good experienced writers should and should not do. Starting my time in the class as a writer was quite intimidating since I was new to the school, and had very little high school writing experience. However, the moment I was that I was going to be an editor for the Forum, I felt so proud of myself, and knew that this was just the beginning of this amazing journey. 

   As a senior, I have become more confident in my writing. I am not going to lie and say that everything I write and edit is nothing but perfection. What I will say however, is that I would not trade anything for the memories I have made throughout this class. As student journalists for the Freedom Forum, we want nothing more than to give a voice to the voiceless. 

(Header photo) 

A copy of The Freedom Forum displayed. Photo taken by Hayley Guzzo

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The halls of Freedom High School where the Freedom Forum takes place. Photo taken by Hayley Guzzo 

My name is Hayley and I am an aspiring writer. I like my words on a once blank page to paint a vivid picture in a reader's mind. 

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