Vine Threads - Yay or Nay?

   One of the most iconic apps of 2017 was Vine. Vine is an app that allows people to record six second videos to publish to the rest of the world.  Vine was removed from the app store, and a bunch of the Vines we know and love were taken down. However, Twitter was there to save the day.

   Twitter took over and allowed people to republish the Vines they missed. Vines became even more popular than ever, and people have been reciting them everyday. In order to relate to the rest of the people on social media, be sure to know all of the most iconic vines by heart.

   As you scroll down your timeline on Twitter, Vine threads pop up every now and again, and when they do pop up it is a blessing. Vine threads are tweets made y one person that continuously posts their favorite vines. Vine threads typically have the same Vines over and over again, but I'm not complaining. Watching Vine threads gets so addicting because they are so stupid that they're funny.

   Another way to watch Vines is to search up "Vine compilation" on YouTube. I highly recommend doing this when you cannot find anything else to watch. They are so entertaining, and they make everyone laugh. 

   Vine threads have become such an iconic staple piece of Twitter. Honestly, the only reason I check Twitter is to see new Vine threads. The people that post Vine threads typically get "Twitter famous." Which means they get a bunch of followers, retweets, and likes for a little until the next best thing comes.

   Vine threads are not just a handful of funny posts. They can go over 200 Vines, but some are a little shorter. There are so many Vines online that the list of amazing ones can go on and on. Vine Threads are a MUST when it comes to social media. They should be advertised everywhere, and everyone should see at least one in their life.

Here is a link to a Twitter page dedicated to Vine threads:

*There is inappropriate language/videos on here that may not be suitable for everyone.

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