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On Thursday October 5th, the Egg Harbor Township High School World Language Department hosted a Study Abroad Fair in the Media Center. The fair was held to inform the student body of courses that took place in foreign countries over this past summer, and how current students can pursue similar opportunities provided by the CIEE Study Abroad program.

The application process entails a teacher recommendation, a few essays, and tax information. “The students who wish to apply must have a teacher recommendation, write a few essays, and their parents will need to upload some information from their taxes to provide some information about their finances,” Dr. Schreiner, Supervisor of World Languages, stated.For those students with free or reduced lunch in their school, accommodations for their course will be made.

Once the application is complete, which can be found on the World Languages website through EHTHS website, and when they are accepted, the program will provide the students with everything, such as food and housing, but there are a few exceptions. These very few fortunate students who are selected to study abroad must pay for their airfare, passports, and spending money.

“Our high school, Egg Harbor Township High School receives $25,000 in scholarship funds for this program,” Dr. Schreiner stated.

Some of the students that had the opportunity to study abroad shared their experience with peers. “It was just a wonderful experience,” Gabriel Sober stated about his summer studying in Japan. We were also told, “I learned about myself,” Elena Marcato said.

Some other countries that the program takes place in are Japan, France, Germany, the United States, and many more. Some of the courses are French Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Pop Culture, World Government, Creative Arts Studio, etc. The length of the course may vary from 3-4 weeks in the months of June, July, and August. For more information go to the CIEE website, http://ehtworldlanguages.weebl....

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