Trump takes aim at “Rocket Man”

Trump takes aim at “Rocket Man”

Does an international conflict lie ahead?

Carson Swick, Assistant Editorial Editor

  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is such an absurd title that makes North Korea’s official name sound like one of a perfect utopia. In reality, a brainwashed society exists within the totalitarian state. North Korea has become a symbol of political and economic failure, a target of jokes among Americans and other westerners.

  Recently, North Korea has taken the target off itself and turned surrounding areas into targets. In 2017 so far, ten rockets have been launched from Pyongyang into the airspace of countries such as Japan and South Korea. The world is watching as Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un spends millions on nuclear weapons and his people starve in poor living conditions.

  North Korea’s weapons are considered illegal by the United Nations. Despite the recent sanctions, the country has made no attempts to stop threatening the United States and it’s allies. President Donald Trump has lashed out at the regime on Twitter, referring to Kim Jong-un as “Rocket Man” and “Little Rocket Man.” Trump has also criticized Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for attempting to “negotiate with North Korea.”

  The provocative threats from both sides have caused division and unrest in America, and the effects are felt even at Freedom High School.

  “I feel like the recent messages from President Trump have been too childish. He should be finding ways to solve the situation politically instead of Tweeting messages that will further increase tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.” said Nikunj Singh, FHS junior.

  Singh also believes that Kim Jong-un is no laughing matter. “The U.S. military should prepare for an attack if North Korea keeps launching missiles and ICBMs.” he said.

  While the regime’s actions are very concerning, most experts still believe that all-out nuclear war is unlikely. “I am not very concerned about a global conflict with North Korea. I think this is just an act of brinkmanship being done to flex political and military muscles.” said Mrs. Jennifer Deily, FHS global studies teacher.

  There are certainly arguments to be made on both sides, but it is clear that both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are taking more aggressive approaches to the conflict than their predecessors. Whether or not the strategies are effective will only be determined in time. One thing is certain: as long as childish exchanges continue, there will be no end to the instability on the Korean peninsula.

Caption: Provocative Tweets such as this one are partially to blame for the escalation of tensions with North Korea. (Tweet by Donald J. Trump, Screenshot by Carson Swick)

17, FHS Junior & Advanced Journalism Student

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