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Student athlete of the month: Hailey Silfies

 Isabella Scipioni

Journalism Student

Playing two high school sports and applying for college at the same time is no easy task, but Hailey Silfies has proven that it can be done. As a senior, Hailey has committed to St. Francis College in Brooklyn where she will play basketball. St. Francis College is a Division 1 school, which means it is at the highest level of college athletics. Silfies currently plays volleyball and basketball at Freedom.

  “I prefer basketball. I love both sports but I’ve grown up with basketball,” said Silfies, senior.

  Outside of sports, she is a member of BASD Mini-Thon and National Honor Society. Juggling school work, sports, and clubs is not easy, but she finds a way.   

  “I usually do homework after practice and I try to get ahead on assignments as much as I can,” said Silfies.

  This strategy helps her complete her work and manage stress. Even though she is very busy, she is still looking forward to many school events for seniors this year such as Senior Skip Day and Graduation. She also loves to go to football games in the Riot Squad.

  “I think I’ll miss the football games the most. They’re my favorite part of school because of the atmosphere and the Freedom Family concept. We all cheer each other on,” said Silfies.

  Throughout high school she has also been inspired by many professional athletes like Maya Moore, a WNBA player.

  “She’s on my favorite basketball team and I’ve always thought that she was a smart player. I really looked up to her when I was growing up,” said Silfies.

  In college, Silfies plans on majoring in Nursing. Since her college is in Brooklyn, she is looking forward to being close to New York and experiencing college life in a different atmosphere. She also says that high school athletes hoping to play in college should work hard and make sure they have good grades throughout high school.

  “Definitely make friendships with your teachers and coaches and they’ll help you out along the way,” said Silfies.

  In conclusion, Silfies is excited to move on to the next chapter of her life where she can continue to play basketball and pursue her passion.

Hailey Silfies setting up a shot.

Photo Submission: Hailey Silfies

Mrs. Erdman is an English and journalism teacher at Freedom High School in the Bethlehem Area School District in Bethlehem, PA.

Please feel free to visit her sites: Mrs. Erdman     The Freedom Forum

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