Becoming a part of the Freedom Family

Dear Ani,

  Many of my friends are considering becoming involved with the Riot Squad. It all seems a little too crazy for me. The whole mosh pit and the psycho football fans scares me. I feel like it would be easy for me to get injured.

  Just sitting behind the rowdy bunch kind of makes me want to stay as far away from them as possible. They throw things all over, and they get super loud. It seems like a lot of fun, and I would love to join if I did not have doubts about it.

I would want to sit behind the group or away from them rather than in with them. I also feel like I would not be included with all of the people.

  Truthfully, I love the football games, and my friends and I have a great time. However, I really do not know if joining them would be the best option for me.


School Spirit Wanted

Dear School Spirit Wanted,

   The Riot Squad represents the study body supporting the sports teams. They are rowdy, but that is what makes it a fun time.

   Hanging out with friends is just one of the major parts that makes the squad what it is. It is also a bunch of different high schoolers coming together as a group to support their school.

   The idea as a whole is a great thing, and this is the second year that it is revamped. The Riot Squad has leaders that make the group enjoyable and a welcoming community.

   It is understandable that there are reservations about joining them because of a possibility of injury. As long as you are not right in the front and center, there should not be that great of a chance of getting pushed to the ground by a mosh pit.

   Mr. Pierre Morgan is always around to stop the craziness when the students start throwing things in the air or getting too wild. Being in the squad is not a requirement, students are free to come and go. It is a great way to make new friends, too.

  There are always other clubs to join and to get involved with. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people and do exciting things

  Do not be afraid to step out of the comfort zone. It can be a fun story for later if it does not work out.


This year I am a senior at Freedom High School. This is my third time taking Journalism, and I will be taking for a fourth time next semester. Have fun checking out my posts! :)

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