You Should Meet: Christian Hevner

   On this 37 degree morning our beloved Marching Leemen lined up on North Augusta street for this year’s Veterans Day parade. The parade began at 11:11 which is when President Woodrow Wilson declared an armistice for World War 1; Armistice Day would later become Veterans Day. The annual parade was a great opportunity to thank veterans for their selfless service for our country’s freedom. Downtown was full of excitement and noise for the cold parade as the Marching Leemen played “The Patriots” and the drumline played a cadence called “Mountain Shoutin” written by Lee’s choir direct Mrs. Harner's husband. I had the chance to meet up with senior drumline section leader Christian Hevner and talk about his past four years in the marching band.

Joe: What's your favorite Marching band memory?

Christian: My favorite memory would probably be this year's band camp. After looking back on my time as a freshman onward through the band and now being a senior and  the person that these underclassmen look to for guidance makes everything come full circle. It just really made this year that much more special to me.

Joe: What's it like having a little brother in the program?

Christian: It really makes me proud seeing him in the band program with me. Knowing that he plays the same instruments and does the same things in band because of me is very heartwarming. I couldn't be any happier getting to spend my last two years in the program with him alongside me.

Joe: How has marching band shaped you as a person?

Christian: It has made me into a much more humble person. It has given me opportunities in life that I am certainly very grateful for, and it has given me so many friends I wouldn't trade for anything. It has made me a happier and more caring person.

Joe: What year has been your favorite music wise?

Christian: Music wise, I would have to say this year. The show for this year had such a diverse range of music opposed to the past 3 years being a lot more unified and connected. Going from something of a 70’s rock classic like “Pinball Wizard” to a space opera type in “Halo” really made the music fun and challenging.

Joe: What are your plans for next year?

Christian: I plan on attending a 4 year college to study music education. Still uncertain where exactly, but I know that is what I want to take up.

Joe: Anymore marching band in your future?

Christian: Yes. I’m wanting to aim for a school with a marching band. I’m not quite ready to give it up.

Joe: What advice do you have for some interested in marching band or someone new to the band?

Christian: Never give up. I know it’s kind of overrated to say so, but there will be challenging times and moments when you want to stop, but don’t. I pondered quitting a couple of times and I am eternally grateful that I never lost sight of it. It truly pays off in the long run.

Joe: It is obvious how much marching band means for Christian and all the other senior members, next time you find yourself bored on a Saturday I suggest going to one of the Marching Leemans competitions and cheering them on.

Aspiring Virginian journalist and proud Robert E. Lee and Shenandoah Valley Governors School senior 

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