Pumpkin spice takes over everything

Samantha Corvera

Journalism Student

  Leaves, sweaters, gorgeous fall weather, and pumpkin spice WHAT? The month of October is swept away by pumpkin spice items in every store and menu in Bethlehem.

  The famous fall drink is back and better than ever. However, pumpkin spice is not just for the pallet; it is found in lotions, hand sanitizers, and even candles once again for October. These are all well-known pumpkiny heavens for the millions of pumpkin spice fans around the world, but what about the more unknown pumpkin spice products?

  When given a list of rather different pumpkin spice products such as pumpkin spice chicken, pumpkin spice hummus, pumpkin spice salmon, pumpkin spice salsa, pumpkin spice fishbait, and the craziest of all… pumpkin spice water, freshman Belinda Yeung gave her input to The Forum on this product.

  “Why would people put pumpkin spice in water?” said, Yeung. “It’s like putting chocolate syrup in water.”

  Yeung continued to talk about her dislike for pumpkin spice products. In fact, she claims that the only good part about pumpkin spice is the scent. However, she is not alone in her discomfort with the fall fad. Freshman, Angelina Calomino, feels that the pumpkin spice rave is simply “overrated”. When asked what the craziest pumpkin spice item she had heard of was, Calomino answered with, “Pumpkin spice in general. Who’s spicing pumpkins?”.

  Both girls budded heads with freshman, Laura Cierech, a fan of this traditional scent, during the interview. Cierech claims to have owned pumpkin scented candles and sanitizers. However, the interviews left all three girls with the same question: what is the mystery spice?

  According to the Washington Post, “Pumpkin spice is a combination of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger and sometimes actual pumpkin. It’s a polarizing flavor, mainly because of the variety of pumpkin-spiced foods on the market each year gets a little more weird.” As listed, the pumpkin spice products are getting a tad out of hand. When asked their thoughts on the products, here is what the girls had to say:

  “Why? Please stop. Reevaluate.” said Cierech.

   Calomino claims that she felt “deeply disturbed” with these items and questioned who was spending their time creating them. Yeung, however, took a different approach when answering.

  “I feel like the fish bait could be used in science.” said Yeung.

  All of the girls finished expressing their feelings toward pumpkin spice by recommending it to those who have yet to try it, but only in frappuccinos and lattes. Luckily, they did not have to recommend it to fish because the fish clearly already enjoy their pumpkin-spiced fish bait.

Caption: Pumpkin scented lotion available for all of Mrs.Erdman’s students by the door.

Photo credit: Samantha Corvera

Mrs. Erdman is an English and journalism teacher at Freedom High School in the Bethlehem Area School District in Bethlehem, PA.

Please feel free to visit her sites: Mrs. Erdman     The Freedom Forum

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