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Riley Sweitzer

Journalism Student

  Everyone knows the Freedom High School band, but what about the orchestra? The group is another ensemble that practices music and musical techniques, and they perform multiple times each year.

  There is the misconception that classical and orchestral music is boring when there is actually a great deal of depth to it.

  “People that think that haven’t truly listened to classical music, because it is much more diverse and has excitement,” said Mr. Andrew Lynn, assistant band director.

  With the music being complex, practice is the key. One of the main differences between the band and orchestra is the difference in schedules. Orchestra members have a less grueling schedule, so more educational aspects can be focused on while practicing.

  “A lot of research has been done on how playing an instrument helps learning. Lots of lessons in music are tough to get otherwise,” said Mr. Lynn.

  Some of these lessons include group responsibility, time management, focus, and dedication. The group practices these techniques during first block every other day, for about two hours.

  Despite high school level music being very challenging, Mr. Lynn still hopes people will give the music a try.

  “I’m saddened by the dropout rate from middle school to high school. I just wish people would try it for a year, or a semester,” said Mr. Lynn.

  “It doesn’t matter how good you are at playing, because you’ll have fun anyway. You get to meet and see a lot of different people and have a lot of different experiences,” said Mary Sweeney, band and orchestra member.

  Orchestra president Cesar Corvera agrees, and is working to include all members especially freshmen and underclassmen.

  “I don’t want there to be any cliques. We include freshmen by planning events together, and just talking to and welcoming them,” said Corvera.

  The orchestra welcomes all to attend a holiday concert on December 1, 2017, and a holiday pops concert on December 8, 2017.

   “Orchestra is a great example of Freedom Family. Orchestra loves each other, and we are like a family,” said Corvera.

Caption: The FHS orchestra performing at their holiday concert in 2016.

Photo: Kelley Sweitzer

Mrs. Erdman is an English and journalism teacher at Freedom High School in the Bethlehem Area School District in Bethlehem, PA.

Please feel free to visit her sites: Mrs. Erdman     The Freedom Forum

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