Spreading a Little Kindness to the World

   Kindness has become hard to come by these days. With all the stress of school, work, and just life in general, who even has time for kindness? None of these reasons should be an excuse as to why Americans are so belligerent to each other on a daily basis. Instead, the kindness of others should be enjoyed by everyone, since every single person is going through their own struggle in life.

  World Kindness Day is an international holiday that is observed on November 13 every year. This day originated when a collection of humanitarian groups founded a “Declaration of Kindness.” This declaration encourages everybody to perform a little act of kindness on this day by donating to charity, offering compliments, or by simply just holding a door open for someone.    

  “It makes me feel good when I'm nice to people, and I think it should be natural to be nice to people,” said Bryanna Kemmerer, senior.

  Additionally, donations or compliments should not be something that someone could do once a year. They are things that should be done daily.

  “I think it should just happen in our daily life. It doesn't take much to be nice to people even when you're feeling down,” said Kemmerer.

  Yet another one of the major reasons why kindness is so hard to come by nowadays is that people are becoming quite lazy. Although the day was dedicated in order to recognize the wonderful things people do for one another, critics believe that World Kindness Day is just another made up, insignificant holiday.

  “There shouldn't be a need for a national holiday if people treat people the way they would like to be treated,” said Kemmerer.

  Unfortunately, not everyone looks forward to giving out kindness when they do not get the same in return. However, people should not view kindness as a chore.

  Everyone has their different thoughts on what kindness looks like and how one can present it.

  “It should happen in our daily life, but having a day of being kind would be great because it would probably make someone's day a lot better,” said Aliyah Major, senior.

 It is not hard to provide a little touch of kindness into someone’s day. For example, try giving a simple ¨Hello¨ to a new student in class. It could make their day a hundred times better.

  In addition, tasks like holding the door open for someone or handing out a compliment once in awhile can be the stepping stone to successful relationships.

  Yes, life can be stressful, but remember, a little kindness can go a long way. Kindness should not be saved for only one day a year.

My name is Hayley and I am an aspiring writer. I like my words on a once blank page to paint a vivid picture in a reader's mind. 

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