So Sweet It’s Scary at Trunk or Treat

                                                                             So Sweet It’s Scary at Trunk or Treat

                                                                             By: Madison Canale & Nardeen Saleep

Families, staff, and community members decorated their car trunks and handed out candy as kids played Halloween games and collected treats.  Hosted by the Renaissance Club, the annual Trunk or Treat event aimed to bring the community together.

“With this fundraiser, the Renaissance Club hoped to accomplish a big community turnout and lots of fun, ” club member Morgan Mohammed said.  We want to provide a safe place in our community to trick or treat,” advisor Mrs. Brady explained. They definitely accomplished that with the exciting turnout.

There were many miniature games for the children to participate in such as mini bowling, basketball, and soccer. There were rec games such as toss the bean bag and a hu hoop contest. The face painting station was very popular among the children.

There were plenty of decorated car trunks competing in the trunk contest.

“We have a panel of three or four students and staff… It’s pretty competitive,” Ms. Brady shared.  As the judges were viewing the trunks, they were looking for “lots of pizzazz,” Morgan Mohammed stated. “We wanted the participants to ‘wow’ us with their ideas.”

There were many creatively decorated trunks, including themes such as
M&M party land, Under the Sea, and Monsters Inc. In the end, the Sesame Street trunk took the win.

Additionally, there were many community groups in attendance. There were multiple police cars, a firetruck, and the K-9 Academy.

The Egg Harbor Township Police Department K-9 Academy put on an impressive show toward the end of the event. A few trained dogs demonstrated their ability to detect threats and follow commands.

Overall, Trunk or Treat was an amazing success. Children collected lots of candy and enjoyed many fun activities.  “We’re trying to make it a yearly thing,” Ms. Brady stated. Hopefully, next year will be as successful as this year was.

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