New Evidence of Kenneka Jenkins Surfaces (GRAPHIC IMAGE)

The death of Kenneka Jenkins, 19, in the Crowne Plaza Hotel sparked a frenzy on social media. However, new photos of the lifeless body of Jenkins stirs up some more controversy. Chicago police released graphic photos of Jenkins laying down on the freezer floor, where she was reportedly found the morning after her disappearance in the hotel. 

 Jenkins had joined her friends at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on September 9 for her friend´s birthday celebration in a hotel room. Over night, the group of girls had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and had been smoking marijuana. Speculation arised amongst her friends when Jenkins appeared to be missing. Many believe that Jenkins´ friend, Monifah, had set her up to walk with an unknown person that would´ve led her into the freezer. Others have a theory that Jenkins might have wandered off and got herself into the freezer. Monifah claimed that her friends have been looking for her all night but couldn´t seem to find her. The next morning, Jenkins was pronounced dead. 

 Soon after the incident, surviellance videos from the hotel had been released on social media, which left many people questionable. Though the surviellance videos only shows Jenkins stumbling through the hotel hallways in a drunken manner, many people still believe that someone was either leading her towards the hotel kitchen or that she was following someone who eventually set her up for her own death. The new images of Jenkins in the actual freezer raises more speculation as the 19 year old´s shirt seems to be lifted up exposing her breasts, her pants pulled down, and one of her sneakers off of her foot. Police are contiuning to investigate the situation, though it angered people when the case was ruled as an accident.

Surveillance Video of Jenkins walking around hotel hallways and kitchen.

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