Opinion: President Has Faith Minus Morals

Donald Trump recently stated in a speech and posted on Twitter, “In America we don't worship government—we worship God.” This statement is a direct attack on the separation of church and state in America. Roger Williams and our founding fathers would be ashamed of this statement. The phrase “separation of church and state” is not explicit in the Constitution, but it is implied in the first amendment and the phrasing of the document that religion should be kept separate from governing. America is a diverse country and needs to account for all religions, faiths, or lack-of faith—not just Christianity. Not everyone believes in the same God and some don't believe in God at all. Ironically, Donald Trump boasts about his dedication to Christian principles and God, but contradicts the morals and teachings of the Bible in his handling of hurricane relief.

Donald Trump cares more about building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, than he does about the victims of horrendous hurricanes. Though this might not be a defined sin, this attitude doesn't exemplify the compassion for human beings that Jesus was going for. The president pledged a million dollars of his own funds to help with Hurricane Harvey relief, but is willing to spend much more on his wall. While this seems like a nice gesture, hurricane damages will cost nearly 100 to 200 billion dollars to repair. Studies show that Trump's wall will cost about 50 billion dollars to build and millions to maintain. He wants to focus on America by keeping immigrants, prospective Americans, out of the country, rather than helping the ones already in the country. When visiting Puerto Rico's hurricane victims to distribute supplies, Trump threw paper towels into the crowd as if they were t-shirts at a football game. Trump blamed Puerto Rico for its failing infrastructure and has threatened to withdraw federal relief from the area. The holy church encourages people to show compassion and love for others, to help others whenever possible, and even hands out the body of Christ, communion, to everyone in the room, yet Trump can't successfully distribute supplies or use his power to help Puerto Rican citizens. The New Testament asserts that people should not only love God, but love “one's neighbor as oneself.” Trump loves himself a lot, but does not express this same love to hurricane victims and immigrants. Trump's actions do not uphold his religious diction.

I am currently a senior at Newfield High School. In addition to Newspaper Club, I am president of a Glamour Gals Chapter, which hosts manicures at local nursing homes, a member of book club, and a member of the National Honor Society. I am very interested in psychology and will be pursuing neuroscience next year in college. 

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