An Experience to Never Forget

   In America, sports play an integral role in entertainment for society. Slam dunks and buzzer-beater shots brings fans into basketball stadiums in the winter, and the crack of a long home run attracts fans to rush to baseball stadiums in the spring. However, there is nothing that gets the American people more excited than the sound of the pigskin being thrown and bodies being hit during the fall season of football.

  On the night of Monday, October 23, my dad, my girlfriend and I drove a hour southward to the great city of Philadelphia to watch our Philadelphia Eagles face off against NFC East rival the Washington Redskins. Although the game didn’t start until 8:30, we left to head down right after my girlfriend and I were done with school so we could go to a tailgate to meet up with my before the game. At this tailgate, I had a ton of steak and a ton of lobster tails, which was some of the best food I have eaten. By the time the game started, I was so excited to see my Eagles win.

  Once we entered the stadium, I had a strong feeling that the game was going to be one of the best ones I have ever been too. In my life, I have been to many Eagles games, and that was easily the most packed one. Due to penalties and injuries, the Eagles started off very slow and were losing 10-3 by the beginning of the second quarter. However, that was the only lead the Redskins would have the rest of the game, as the Eagles quickly regained their mojo and ended up winning the game 34-24. It was so cool seeing Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz throw for over 200 yards and 4 touchdowns, and it was super exciting to see rookie defensive end Derek Barnett get two sacks.

   Overall, it was such an awesome experience being at the Eagles game. The atmosphere was electric, and the game itself was even better. I can’t wait for my next Eagles game!

My name is T.J. Schaeffer, and I am the sports editor for my school's newspaper,  the Freedom Forum. I have taken a journalism class all 4 years of high school, as well as a writer/editor for all 4 years. Im looking forward to pursuing journalism into college.

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