Kaleidoscope's Cover Contest for 2018

Congratulations to Marisa Vitale!  Your art is the 2018 cover choice!

Kaleidoscope is Kings Park High School’s literature and art magazine.  The magazine staff works to gather submissions of creative writing, such as poetry and prose, and artwork, such as photography and painting and other visual arts created by the student body.  Submitted works are evaluated by the staff employing scholastic press criteria.  The staff then selects works for publication in each year’s magazine. The magazine’s content is organized around a developing theme, which includes selecting a spot color and accent font in keeping with the chosen theme.  The students complete page lay-out and create the magazine digitally to prepare for publication.  After the finished magazine is published in May, Kaleidoscope holds an Evening of the Arts, which is a poetry reading and art exhibit showcasing the poetry and artwork featured in the magazine.

We are proud to announce our win again this year with a First-Place Award from American Scholastic Press Association.  This is our seventh first-place win in a row.

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