Weird Science: New Pistol Shrimp

In April of 2017, a species of pistol shrimp was discovered and named to honor the band Pink Floyd. Its name, Synalpheus Pinkfloydi, references both the shrimp’s sizable pink claw and ability to kill small fish with a deafening snap that can reach 210 decibels. For reference, a sound at the level of 210 decibels equates to the sound of an exploding one ton TNT bomb. Discovered in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panama, the species sends out the deep sea boom by snapping its large claw shut very quickly, creating a cavitation bubble (a gas cavity in a liquid) which then implodes. This discovery brings us to wonder what other secrets and unique creatures that the underwater world holds.

Columnist for Newfield High School and aspiring lab scientist.

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