NHS Pep Rally

Tradition at Newfield High School dictates we have our Pep Rally the day before homecoming, and that was today, October 13, 2017. For the past week, students participated in a spirit week to prepare for the event, including Twin Tuesday, Western Wednesday, and Tie-Dye Thursday. Today students wore Newfield colors, red and black, to show their school pride. 

Pep Rally is a chance to display the school’s teams, and recognize the members of each team – their coach or a GO Officer gives a short speech, before announcing each member of the team. Newfield’s kickline, cheerleading and gymnastics teams all gave impressive performances – which are always the crowd favorites. 

Pep Rally is a significant event to plan, as it is one of the few times per year the entire student body was in one place. The event, thanks to the hard work of Newfield's Administrative staff and the school's GO Cabinet under the leadership of student body president Ally Hu and advisor Ms. Zanfini, was a success. A special thank you to all of Newfield’s faculty and staff, and the school’s video, newspaper, and yearbook clubs for capturing the event.



Hi! My name is Danny Iacobacci, and I am the Chief Editor of the Newspaper here at Newfield High School. Our Newfield Fusfoo page is a culmination of a variety of editorials and videos from students in both the Newspaper and Video Club at Newfield. In addition to helping run our school's Fusfoo page, editing articles, and covering events, I also write many articles on a variety of exciting technology projects, with a particular focus on the Maker Movement, in which I am a proud member. I am also the President and Team Captain of Newfield's Robotics Team, as well as, The President of Newfield's Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society -- which also make up a significant portion of my articles. If you have any feedback on my editorials, or on Newfield's Fusfoo Page as a whole, please feel free to send us an email at NewsfieldWolverine@gmail.com. Happy Reading!

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