~The Marching Leemen~

                                                                                                 One of our School's most superlative Fine Arts program, the Marching Band.

    Spending countless hours on challenging music and choreography, the Marching Leemen pride themselves in performing exhilarating shows to bring the audience to their feet.  Each student has a very specific role in the band and our director, Ms. Cole, makes it really important that the students do not miss too much of rehearsals, for it could possibly mess up the drill(The formations/shapes the band creates) and the process of making an exceptional show.

Every year, the Marching Leemen participate in home football games, pep rallies, and even competitions. One of the competitions that our students are most excited about is the Parade of Champions(POC) at James Madison University, where they compete against more than ten other bands in their class, with 5 classes total. In fact just during their 2016 season, the students were thrilled and everyone was screaming with joy as the Marching Leemen placed 2nd in their class at P.O.C.!  They got a mighty tall trophy to take back to their school and show everyone the hard work, effort, and of course the sweat that goes into the process of creating an awesome show for all to see. 

Below is the schedule showing all remaining dates and locations where our band is performing.

2017 Marching Leemen Performance Dates

Come and support our Marching Leemen!

I am a Senior and its my first time participating in my school's Mass Communications class.  I really think this will be an amazing experience for me.

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