Weird Science: Tissue Nano Transfection

One of the worst things to hear is that someone you know and may be close has had an incident that has left them permanently unconscious in a vegetative state.  When in this state, a patient is only partially woken and separated from true awareness.  For decades, there has been no known cure or treatment to bring someone back to a place of complete response and function.  However, recent technology has been developed that switches cell function to rescue failing functions with a single touch.  This technology, known as Tissue Nano Transfection (TNT), has the ability to generate cells needed to heal the vital tissue and organs in a fatally injured patient.   The procedure allows for cells to be grown in the most vital and fertile of organs, the human skin. This procedure has been tested on animals such as pigs and mice, these studies have yielded promising results.  It has been shown that fatal leg would with a lack of good flow have been able to regain functionality through the programming of new vascular cells.  Also, mice suffering from brain injuries such as a stroke have had new nerve cells programmed and have made a full recovery.  Steps are being made to further increase the research of this groundbreaking technology as it yields high possibilities for the future of the medical world.


Columnist for Newfield High School and aspiring lab scientist.

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