Hurricane Season

2017 has been one of the worst years for hurricane season with September being an extremely active month for hurricanes according to The Weather Channel. Hurricane Harvey made a devastating impact on Texas. The storm devastated many homes with intense flooding and high winds. It could cost tens of billions for Texas to recover from this catastrophe.

High category hurricanes were not isolated to Texas, however, as an astonishing category five hurricane named Irma hit Florida in mid-September. Schools and homes were destroyed, and seventy-two people died. Just as we thought it couldn’t get worse, Hurricane Jose swept the Leeward Islands and almost made a direct impact on the east coast, but luckily, it was a near miss. This storm had 155 mph winds leading to its denotation category four. Meteorologists feared that Long Island and NYC would be hit hard; however, the hurricane made a quick turn straight into the Atlantic which diminished the effects of the storm, except the slightly rougher surf.

Hurricane Maria caused massive destruction to Puerto Rico. Between heavy flooding and the destruction of many buildings, Hurricane Maria showed no mercy. The island is still without power, and repairs to its infrastructure will likely take years.

What can we do to help those affected by hurricanes?  Charities such as Red Cross and the Humane Society of the United States are accepting donations to help those suffering from such disasters. Global Giving is also setting a goal to raise 2 million dollars for a Harvey Relief Fund. UNICEF USA is a fund responding to the effects of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. Make a difference and help others because your donations can go a long way.     

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