PC Builder’s Guide to the CPU Market

Intel and AMD have always been the two dominant corporations in the CPU market, and since the early 2000s, Intel has been the go-to brand for desktop processors. However, with the introduction of AMD Ryzen in Q1 and Q2 and their high-end platform line of processors Threadripper in Q3, Intel is facing more competition than they’ve seen in a decade. So who is in control of the market now? The numbers say it's still Intel as Intel’s i7 7700k is still the highest selling processor across all vendors and their Pentium line of processors is still the best dual-core option. But to most enthusiasts, Intel is lagging behind. Intel’s “release” of the i9 line of processors was a flop and produced record low sales. This is due to intel’s rushed marketing. It was so rushed that it didn't even allow for specs to be posted before launch. Intel’s days of dominance are dwindling away. AMD has finally proven to be a strong contender in the Desktop PC market and manages to retain the title of the best price to performance CPU’s making them, once again, very attractive to PC builders.

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