The In’s and Out’s of a High School Journalism Class

   11:15 a.m. hits, and the students who just ate during A lunch slowly and grudgingly walk out of the cafeteria and to their respective classrooms.  A couple of these students walk into the mysterious wing known as the 600’s, and take a right into Mrs. Erdman’s classroom for 3rd block.

  In this room is a class known as journalism, an elective at Freedom High School in Bethlehem, PA. Every day, students have multiple assignments that they have to complete. These assignments depend on the type of journalist in the class. Beginning journalists, or first year students in the class, have to complete a plethora of information-seeking blogs that they have to post on their respective websites, as well as detailed article analyses and exciting monthly articles. Advanced journalists, or second/third year students, do the same blogs, but do additional assignments include Fusfoo articles. Super-advanced journalists, or people who have take journalism class, do their own individual blogs that are separate from the rest of the class and have a re-occuring theme, and then the same assignments as the rest of the class. Close to all super-advanced journalists and the advanced journalists in the class are editors for the Freedom Forum, giving them another assignment to handle.

  Outside of the basic assignments, there are many other things going on in this crazy journalism class. Every day, the journalism class is responsible for getting a majority of the school announcements, so they have to create a newscast that is posted on the Forum’s Youtube channel and Twitter for the school. There’s a director, two anchors, a teleprompter, a videographer and an editor that come together and create these intellectual newscasts. Additionally, a lot of the editing and drafting of the monthly newspapers are done in this class by the co editors-in-chief.

  Overall, this class is always filled with interesting assignments and new surprises everyday. As the great Karla Erdman once said, “There’s always something to do!”

My name is T.J. Schaeffer, and I am the sports editor for my school's newspaper,  the Freedom Forum. I have taken a journalism class all 4 years of high school, as well as a writer/editor for all 4 years. Im looking forward to pursuing journalism into college.

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