Lee High School 2017 Fall Play

On September 22, 23, and 24 Robert E. Lee High School staged the play Tartuffe, or The Impostor. Tartuffe, or the Impostor is a satire about phony religious hypocrites especially Tartuffe who weaseled his way into Orgon’s confidence. It was a wonderful play and the Lee high drama team did an excellent job of making sure that they embodied the soul and essence of Tartuffe. There were four major roles in the play: Orgon played by Junior Owen Edwards, Elmaire played by Senior Mausam Mehta, Cleante played by Junior Patricia McCauley, and Tartuffe played by Senior Kyle LeGore.

The play is set in Orgon's house, and begins with Madame Pernelle criticizing every member of the house. Tartuffe, a priest who was posing as a penniless beggar in order to infiltrate the family’s trust. Orgon took pity on Tartuffe and invited him to become a permanent part of the family by giving his daughter’s hand in marriage. Throughout the play the audience, including myself could tell that the family didn’t particularly fancy Tartuffe. Instead of marrying Orgon’s daughter Tartuffe attempts to subdue Elmaire who is Orgon’s wife. In the end Tartuffe is exposed for the phony he is, and all the wrong he has done to Orgon and his family is brought to light. Everyone in the play truly loves acting, and they put so much time and effort into the play and it really showed.

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