Profile on Kathy Lafon our 2 month Choir substitute

This interview was conducted three years ago for a book I wrote! Enjoy...

      Kathy Lafon was the first person interviewed  for this book because she was the first person in my life to introduce me to creativity. Kathy wears many hats in the community including actress, pianist, and she is the minister of music at one of the area's largest church's. Writing songs since she was 5 and being able to play by ear since she was 3 it's easy to say she was born with a gift. Growing up some of  her biggest inspirations were the scores of John Williams and the voice of Barbra Streisand. She majored in college in Music Theory  and composition. When Kathy was a senior she had to create a full recital, every note. Her favorite song she's ever written is “Cinnamon Autumn” for a full orchestra. The whole song is based of a melody Kathy wrote when she was just a child. Kathy has had much support in her life and feels she's never had her creativity held back. Music is just one of Kathy's many talents she is an also an actress and dancer. Honky tonk angels is one play that Kathy has done through local theater Shenan Arts. The people of the church inspire Kathy, when picking out songs for a service she tries keep the theme relevant to people's lives. Her process when planning a service involves praying and asking herself what songs or messages would be a blessing to the people. When planning out a show many factors come to her mind such as the venue, age of the people, and what she enjoys playing. Kathy feels called by God to share blessings through her gift of music. Through day to day life she's constantly listening for music. Kathy through her creativity and gift of music see's the world different, she finds it's beautiful and full of inspiring sounds.

Aspiring Virginian journalist and proud Robert E. Lee and Shenandoah Valley Governors School senior 

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