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Freddy season: a beautiful and emotional roller coaster for all students involved with the theater company. According to the Freddy, the mission of the Freddy Awards is to recognize and reward the amazing accomplishments in the production and performances of musicals in high school around the Lehigh and Northampton counties, namely; Pennsylvania, and Warren County, New Jersey.  The Awards were created in 2003. In the year 2004, the Freddy Awards won an Emmy Award for their broadcast. The event was modeled after the Tony's. The three hour ceremony is always televised on WFMZ Channel 69.

Each high school that has a theater company in the areas are capable of receiving nominations. The year 2017 is the 15th year for the Freddys. Emmaus High School and Parkland High School ranked highest in nominations. Emmaus received 18 and Parkland received 17. The winners will be announced in a live broadcast at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 25, on channel 69.

Freedom High School received 10 nominations. However, they were extremely excited for all the schools. The FHS Theater Company is not all about winning an award. They  perform and produce musicals because they love what they do. They cheer for nominees because they feel they deserve everything they get. As each nomination was announced, there was not one student who  did not clap or cheer. Freddy Season is a very competitive time. Knowing this, Freedom High School did an amazing job not getting caught up in all the fame. Congratulations to all high schools that were nominated.


  1. Outstanding Performance by an Orchestra
  2. Outstanding Use of Scenery
  3. Outstanding Use of Costumes
  4. Outstanding Performance by a Male Ensemble Member: Jalon Mathis
  5. Outstanding Choreography
  6. Outstanding Chorus
  7. Outstanding Stage Crew
  8. Outstanding by an Actress in a Leading Role: Kelly Donah, Peter Pan
  9. Outstanding by an Actor in a Leading Role: Michael Harding, Captain Hook
  10. Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical, Peter Pan


My name is Madison Walther. I am a sophomore at Freedom High School. I am involved with the Freedom Forum, and I am in BASD Mini THON

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