How Not to Fit In But Stand Out

The Google definition of ‘fit in’ is to be socially matched with other members of a group. Many people starting high school believe that fitting in is being able to be accepted throughout high school. When an individual wants to fit in with a certain crowd, they generally change their appearance, the way they act, and the uniqueness they once had to stand out. In this day and age, there is no such thing as being popular, it is more of a classification of if you are unattractive or attractive. In high school more people should be worried about standing out than fitting in. In private schools, students are required to wear one specific uniform for their school. By only wearing one specific uniform, hides the uniqueness of an individual and does not allow their creativity to stand out. Private schools mostly contain uniforms that involve the school’s colors and although students can also mix and match with capris to skirts, it does not allow for a wide selection to stand out among  the crowd. Students in public schools are able to show their creativity in the way they dress, because they are not required to wear one specific outfit. Every student can express his or her own uniqueness in the way they dress. By dying hair, getting some crazy shoes, some funky socks, or even finding a glow in the dark t-shirt are some really awesome ways for individuals to stand out, especially in high school.

“I have a million pairs of crazy funky socks, it just shows my personality a bit more. I just do me,” said Noah Balshi.

Noah Balshi is a senior at Freedom high school and wears a different pair of crazy socks that match his outfits everyday. Another way students try not to ‘fit in’ but to stand out is by the way a student acts. For example, if a student copies another student when they laugh or follow them, they are not standing out but trying to ‘fit in’. By following others in their footsteps only allows an individual to not understand his or her own mistakes. By leading themselves and failing at certain points only allows for an individual to better their decision making. The student will be happy of their self success, rather than in others. These actions of leadership allow for an individual to stand out among others because they have greater accomplishments. Some students are driven towards a specific sport they love or have seen played before. Even if a person is a beginner in the sport, they can stand out by working hard and trying to achieve greater goals. Also, student can join different clubs that can help them become more involved throughout their community. By being more involved and socializing with others allows for a person to stand out because it shows their compassion and determination in helping people before themselves. Grades also are a huge benefactor for standing out because colleges see the work you have done. By achieving better grades, allows a high school student who is compared among others to be more applicable for acceptance. Participating not only in the classroom, but throughout high school is a great way to stand out. By being involved in hallway decorating, making posters, or even welcoming new students each year allows a student to become a good role model for underclassmen to look up too. College applications are another way to stand out, because everything a student has ever done is being compared to thousands of other individuals. By even doing the slightest more work compared to others allows the extra lift to be accepted into a dream school. Students in high school who volunteer more than what is required can allow that individual to stand out, especially in applications for college. Colleges will see the will-power and Volunteer work.  Lastly, students who express certain talents that they have like singing, being in theater, playing an instruments, or even just having leadership skills can allow an individual to stand out among a group of people. Know that standing out in high school, even by wearing or doing certain daily events makes you unique and special in your very own way. If you do attend a private high school, you can do so much to stand out among the crowd. Maybe adding a really pretty necklace or earrings to your outfit or even being involved in certain clubs. In a world filled with opportunities there are a million possibilities to not fit it but stand out.

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