Wellness Week

Every once in a while, school and every other factor in your life can

become a bit too much. That’s why for the first time, Newfield’s SADD

(Students Against Destructive Decisions) Club put together a week of

destressing from March 21st to 25th. Here were the contents of that


Mindfulness Monday. Students were encouraged to color mandalas at the

Project Hope Table

GratiTuesday. On this day the table was used to make thank you notes for

anyone a student wished to show their gratitude to.

Well-Balanced Wednesday. Students wore pajamas to school and created

their own fidget toys.

Pet-a-Pup Thursday. This one seems to be everyone's favorite. Trained

therapy dogs were brought to the school from 11 am to 12 pm so the

students could come over for a few minutes to pet them. The dogs along

with an employee from Love on a Leash was sitting in front of the

auditorium doors and at a given moment during their visit there were

dozens of students eagerly waiting their turn to pet them.

Self-Love Friday. Lastly, students could take pictures with their friends to

spread positivity

The members of the SADD Club found the process of setting this up relaxing.

Quite fitting. They stayed after school to decorate the bulletin board and

set up the table outside the cafeteria. The purpose of the table was to have

representatives from New York Project Hope as a resource to students

interested in speaking to them as well as have some of the stations from

the previously mentioned days set up. President of SADD Club, Sarah

Parvez said that “Meeting the Project Hope representatives was incredibly

enlightening, as they were so open to explaining their mission and


When asking a student what they most enjoyed about Wellness Week they

said that “the Project Hope dude at the table was nice to talk to” They also

remarked that they liked the idea of the Wellness Week in general and that

we should do more things like this at Newfield.

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