Holiday Hallway Decorating (2021-2022)

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again, the holiday season. Once again, Newfield High School’s hallways transformed the school into a holiday wonderland! 


Holiday Hallway Decorating is an annual event that takes place during the Holiday season. When the month of December starts, the decorating starts as well, Newfield’s clubs change Newfield’s look when the holiday season approaches! By hanging snowflakes from the ceiling, putting cellophane on the lights, painting the walls, and setting up our very own Christmas tree, Newfield goes all out! 


Many clubs challenged each other and took part in decorating a hallway. The clubs chose their own theme and were assigned a hallway. The Class of 2022, Class of 2023, Class of 2024, Class of 2025, National Art Honor Society, Tri-M/Thespian Honor Society, and National Language Honor Society all took part in this amazing event, choosing from all sorts of themes such as Elf, Home Alone, Charlie Brown, Spongebob, and many more. The clubs get the whole month of December to decorate their hallway, then the teachers vote which hallway is the best. All the clubs put in their best effort, but yet again, this year the National Art Honor Society won, continuing their winning streak! 


After interviewing some who took part in the decorating, it is clear that this event is loved by the students of Newfield, here is what they said:

  • “This is my favorite time of the year, painting the walls, hanging out with friends, beautifying the school and having a great time.” 

  • “I love the holidays! This is my first time doing the Holiday Decorations for a school, I’ve never painted the walls before! I will definitely look forward to doing this once again!” 


From my personal experience having helped out decorating the hallway for the Class of 2025, I found myself having a great time. I had the chance to interact with many of my friends again, after being online for the past year due to COVID. We encountered many problems while decorating, but in the end, all our hard work was worth the trouble. Despite a few mishaps, the hallway came out amazing. Now with 3 more years of high school ahead of me, that means 3 more years to decorate the hallways! Though it will be hard to beat the reigning champions, the National Art Honor Society, it will still be a fun experience that everyone will be looking forward to!


Holiday Hallway Decorating is an event everyone looks forward to, whether it be teachers, students, or just visitors! It truly is an amazing feeling walking down the hallways of your school, filled with all sorts of decorations and paintings to spread holiday cheer!

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