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Quick Catch up on Spirit Week

Before we get into how the spirit week went, let’s recap what a spirit week is.

Many people see spirit week as unnecessary, however, what many people seem to overlook is that spirit week is there to hype up the upcoming Pep rally and homecoming. Spirit Week is designed to cheer up the week and see how creative people can get with limited time.


And now onto the fun stuff.


Many people participated in this year’s spirit week, unlike last year wherewith the split days and other unfun stuff, people were not in a mood or state of mind to dress up and have fun. This year, however, I saw some people go above and beyond with their “costumes”, especially for Military and Superhero day (Wednesday and Thursday). An honorable mention to whoever dressed up as “Americans” (ex. American flag or pattern clothes) I found the outfits quite witty and creative. 


Now let’s move on to the more chill days like Pajama and Team Days which fell on Monday and Tuesday. I think we all appreciate a Pajama Monday where you can be unrestricted and snug for the day. Team Tuesday had a lot of people with their sports jerseys or merchandise. Nonetheless, it was a relaxing day since most either wore sweatshirts or their uniform that they would have to wear after school anyways. 


Now Newfield Day gets its own little paragraph because the pep rally was also happening. The school was filled with people wearing the school’s merchandise and/or colors like white and red. Newfield day, I feel is the most important for the student body of our school as it showed the pride and joy of being part of this community. Although the day was just to hype up pep-rally I feel it did significantly increase the student’s morale for the day.


Although Spirit week is not as anticipated, I hope that this little throwback changes your opinion and influences your participation in the next spirit week. Remember, you don’t have to go all out to show some school spirit -  a shirt and pants with the right color for the day is good. Hope you enjoyed it and have a great day.

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