Come Home

Come Home 


It’s written in the stars that blink across the night

It’s on the inside of your favorite sweater that hugs you tight

It lands cold on your nose in your favorite weather

It’s the embrace from your dog when you need to feel better

It's the smile a beautiful human gives you from a distance--oh, it's the soft whisper of reminiscence

It's the little things in life that make a home, a home

It is not just the roof over our heads

Or the bed that we sleep in

Rather, it is who is with us when we do

It is the beauty in things that make us run back to it over and over 

Just like a home, we need some place to go when we need comfort 

But the comfort in irreplaceable experiences

Is significantly more prominent than the comfort in replaceable settings

Hi! My name is Erin Margaret Looney and I am a joint section editor regarding the "Student's Voice: The State of Our World" section for the Newfield Newspaper. I enjoy writing for this section as well as the "Literature & Creative Writing" section. I love writing and reading poetry, as well as writing articles and gathering research, and editing other's articles too. I am going to be a junior and hope to continue writing for the Newfield Newspaper. 

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