Ponder by Erin Looney

Settle down and listen close

with ears to hear

and eyes to mope.

Drops of rain splatter face

sweet taste and pure space.

Follow them with your eyes

horizontal across the night.

Ponder of such greatness

and you will see such maintenance.

And for a moment I stand

with gold in my heart

and no gold on flesh,

but silver bones make perfect molds.

You have delicacy within your blood

and courage within your veins.

I breathe of embers that ash down from the sky,

flicker and burn, singe and glow within my soul,

for I am alive, and it feels beautiful to be.

I ponder of who we will be

when the deed is done and the world has gone cold.

I know what I must do, and I glimmer

as the stars shine upon me.

I ponder of such greatness

and at once, I see such maintenance.

Hi! My name is Erin Margaret Looney and I am a joint section editor regarding the "Student's Voice: The State of Our World" section for the Newfield Newspaper. I enjoy writing for this section as well as the "Literature & Creative Writing" section. I love writing and reading poetry, as well as writing articles and gathering research, and editing other's articles too. I am going to be a junior and hope to continue writing for the Newfield Newspaper. 

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