Equality of Beauty by Erin Looney

Pools of honey fill in the endless pond,

milk drips from leaves and trees

flowers bloom from branches so crisp.

Oh, how the doves so effortlessly fly.

Swoop, swoop! Their wings flap against the


wind that carries the honey down the stream,

the milk that stirs it whole.

Up she goes, hanging from the tallest tree

“High I am!” “High is she!”

And pointing to the flowers above her,

“We are the same”

Hi! My name is Erin Margaret Looney and I am a joint section editor regarding the "Student's Voice: The State of Our World" section for the Newfield Newspaper. I enjoy writing for this section as well as the "Literature & Creative Writing" section. I love writing and reading poetry, as well as writing articles and gathering research, and editing other's articles too. I am going to be a junior and hope to continue writing for the Newfield Newspaper. 

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