P.S I Love You Day

During the winter season of 2021, the Class Council of 2023 initiated P.S I Love

You Day. With such a strong message being conveyed, “Together We Will Rise''

was placed on tee-shirts and hoodies for the students of Newfield High School to

wear and stand with each other to spread suicide awareness and prevention. It was

heartening to see all of the students and teachers wearing the apparel. It shows us

how much we are standing by each other and ensuring that no one feels alone,

especially in a time when it is so hard to feel close to one another. In addition to

the apparel, the Class Council of 2023 also made “P.S I Love You Day Kits'',

which included a disposable purple-colored mask and a bracelet with “Together

We Will Rise” on them. On Friday, February 12th, 2021, we sold red and pink

carnations. Whether it was for a loved one, a friend, or even a family member,

these flowers signified a great deal of compassion to one another. I was

immensely overjoyed seeing how everyone was participating, and that we were

doing all that we could to make sure nobody felt alone. It was a chance to show

everyone much they are loved and appreciated.

Sally C. Curtin M.A, from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services,

writes: “Youth suicide has become an increasingly prominent public health issue.

Recent research has documented increases from 2005 to 2017 in serious

psychological distress, major depression, and suicidal thoughts and attempts

among adolescents and young adults. A recent report from the National Center for

Health Statistics found that the suicide death rate among persons aged 10-24

increased 56% from 2007 through 2017.” Issues regarding mental health have

only increased, and will only continue to increase if awareness is not spread. This

is why P.S I Love You Day is so important, spreading awareness and fighting for

the numbers to decrease.

As I research suicide rates, I have come across many writers who have different

ways of explaining the situation that seems like it will never end. A child is so

special, which is why it hurts so much when one is troubled. Sometimes the

parents know, sometimes a friend knows -- but many times, it is silent. It can be

too late to do something. It embodies the fact that we should all remember to

equally treat a child the way they deserve to be treated. Listen to them, watch after

them, and love them. I hope P.S I Love You Day was to be remembered not just

one day but to be remembered every day from now on. We should all work

together in making sure no one feels alone. If one needs help and is struggling to

do so, do not be afraid to reach out a helping hand. Go to a trusted adult and tell

them, because everyone deserves to live. The rates will continue to decrease if we


Hi! My name is Erin Margaret Looney and I am a joint section editor regarding the "Student's Voice: The State of Our World" section for the Newfield Newspaper. I enjoy writing for this section as well as the "Literature & Creative Writing" section. I love writing and reading poetry, as well as writing articles and gathering research, and editing other's articles too. I am going to be a junior and hope to continue writing for the Newfield Newspaper. 

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