Poem by Leah Landron


We stare at fluorescent lights from day to night

Shining so bright we might lose our sight,

And I don't know if it's quite right to say,

But I'd prefer it a different way.


I heard someone say, "Who needs a pencil for school?"

And I felt a fool, because like a working mule,

I had not truly questioned anything,

But I quickly changed the tune that I sang,

Realizing that there was more to be displayed.


Yes, I'd prefer it a different way.

What way? who's to say what actions should be put into play.

But if I may, we should foster connection so that we don't drift away

Because each "doing okay" is a price that's paid

When they'd rather not change the way we grade.


Those hurt pass by unnoticed 

Because the issues lie under the surface, 

And they will only get worse if

We continue ignoring the faults in our foundation instead of restoring.

Look, our solutions aren’t working,

And we will never help the hurting if we do nothing

Because each day we lose, we are losing something.


So when I say I’d prefer it a different way,

I would like the problems to lay not within but with-out.

Once we know the things we need to shout about,

That’s when we will grow, and without a doubt,

Things will be better if we chart a new route today,

Where the imperfections must lay displayed.

Knowing faults are not the flaws of scars that fade,

Actions must be taken and decisions weighed because

When promises made are broken and frayed,

No one is getting saved.


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