Jane Seymour Fonda

Born on December 21, 1937, Jane Seymour Fonda began to have big

dreams and did not fail to achieve them as she grew up. Jane Fonda is

known as an actress, activist, feminist, and former fashion model. She

is known for starring in many famous Hollywood movies such as

Klute, Monster in Law, Barbarella, etc. Jane was always influenced

by her godfather, Joshua Logan, when she was a little girl. Her father,

Henry Fonda, was known as one of the best actors in the 20th century

and also played a big role in inspiring her. She had a brother named

Peter Fonda, who grew up to also be an actor along with his daughter

Bridget Fonda, who was born in 1964. Although her half-sister

Frances Brokaw did not become an actress but a socialite.

Unfortunately, Jane was 12 years old when her mother died from

suicide while in psychiatric treatment, in 1950. Despite the pain, Jane

first found her interest in acting at the age of 17 when she appeared

with her father in the performance of The Country Girl at the Omaha

Community Playhouse.

After that Jane took all her motivation and determination to help

make a positive impact on the world. Jane attended Emma Willard

School in Troy, New York. She scored her first acting debut in the

Broadway play There Was A Little Girl, and received a nomination

for the Tony awards, for best-featured actress in a play. Later that

same year she made her first appearance on screen with the movie

Tall Story. This was followed by many more movies, one in particular

where she found her first husband Roger Vadim. He was the director

of the 1968 movie Barbarella, which Jane starred in. She went on to

be nominated for seven academy awards, sixteen golden globe

nominations, five Primetime Emmy Awards, seven BAFATA awards,

and many other nominations. Winning a total of fifty-nine awards and

being nominated sixty-five times. She recently won the 2021 Cecil B.

DeMille award during the golden globes. Talk about a hard-working

woman. In addition to her acting career, she is known for being an

activist for anti-war, women's rights, and many other things. Jane

actively participated in rallies, plays, and demonstrations to help

others and stand fr what she believed in. Jane went to North Vietnam

and caused a big uproar, which resulted in a nickname they gave her

“Hanoi Jane”. She did everything she could, she even went to an

organized rally in Pennsylvania, where she spoke out against the war.

She also marched for working mothers, soldiers, and American

Indians. She stounds up for as many people as possible. Jane took the

opportunity to take her fame and stand up for those all around the


In addition to that, she is also the founder of “Georgia Campaign for

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention”. She is also a member of the

“Woman and Foreign Policy Advisory Committee of the U.S. Council

on Foreign Relations”.

Jane Fonda is now 83 years old and is still doing an extraordinary job

in her movies and TV shows, like “Grace and Frankie” where she

connects with her audience. She continues to speak about civil rights,

feminism, environmental issues, and the world we live in. Throughout

all of Jane is an inspiration to many all around the world, because of

who she is. She always stands for what she believes in no matter


Hello, my name is Emma Raver and I am a Junior at Newfield High School. I write for my schools' newspaper "The Newfield Wolverine" to make my reader laugh, smile and be informed. Thank you for taking the time to read my articles. 

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