A Big Heart

Dogs, big or small, all have a big heart. They love unconditionally their owners, even the ones that don’t deserve it. They don’t expect you to buy them expensive things, but they expect you to be with them. Open your heart with the key you hold and allow their love to be with you. Allow yourself to really see them, not as the animals but as the companions. Bruno, my stepfather's dog, was a big brother to a puppy who later became his best friend, Winston. While they grew together, they became inseparable, they became brothers. My stepfather got so close to both of them to see the beauty the other people couldn’t. They were his friends, his companions.  


One day, after their normal meal, Bruno became ill. Later we found out that a few thousands dogs died in the U.S. because of poisoned dog food and Bruno was one of them. He was dying for four hours in my stepfather's arms. Not only did my stepfather lose his best friend, but Winston lost his brother. Winston wasn’t affected by the food itself since he ate puppy food at that time. But later Winston became really depressed, he didn’t want to eat or play. With Bruno’s death, part of Winston’s heart died and he was never himself again. He later died because of his age and broken heart. Both of the dogs allowed my stepfather to develop the powerful bond and connection with other species, and to discover the amazing emotional relationship that could exist among animals. 


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